Sunday, May 19, 2013

One down!!

I did it! I ran my first half-marathon. It totally sucked!

I'm only half-kidding. The night started off with my blood sugar refusing to settle down and waking me up a handful of times. The little baby is sick and woke us up on and off through the night fussing. And then the older one, the five-year-old, did something she has not done since infancy (I am not kidding): she woke up at 3:45am and never went back to sleep. So, the upshot is, I had had less than 4 hours of sleep. When the race started at 7:00, I had been awake continuously for over three hours already.

Between that, and no running partner, and no headphones, I was pretty uncomfortable most of the race. The first three miles, my legs were protesting even the *idea* that they might eventually be warmed up. The last five miles, I was experiencing something I've never felt while running before, basically Jell-O legs. In the miles in between, I was just tired and impatient.

But you know what: I still did it. I didn't have to stop, and I achieved my goal of finishing in less than two hours. The rest of the day didn't have much going for it; the baby was really miserably ill and spent the entire day sacked out in a burning little heap on Brandon's chest, waking only occasionally to fuss and gaze glassy-eyed and unseeing at whatever was in front of him. It was so heartbreaking to see a usually chatty, smiley, very active little baby suffer so much.

Anyway, I think I could do my challenge. My knees are pretty pissed tonight, but I've felt decent today all in all, other than worrying.

Twelve half-marathons in one year? Is it just entirely stupid?

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  1. less than two hours is really good! :)